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Our Story

Estelle MARGAINE is a mother of a large family.

In the evenings, as is oftenthe case, her children wanted a story to be read to them. Instead of choosing a book, Estelle preferred inventing tales and characters. Each story was invented according to the problems children can come up against with regards to life in society or the questions on health.

Lessons of morality are put aside, what is important is how each child's behavior helps them to integrate with others.

Estelle noticed that her the stories captivated her children and maintained their attention.The children continually asked for the stories previously told the night before. Because of this, she decided to write down her tales.

With he holidays approaching, and no illustrations, everyone was drawn into the project; colouring, sketching.

The HISTORICONTES came into being!



Estelle MARGAINE works in the health field as a Professional, a nurse as well as an engineer (with a postgraduate diploma) in Health Management - Social, and Juristic Rights. Since 2016, she develops coach's activity in prevention and health’s management while being : alternative practitioner in plantar reflexology, muscular relaxation and Dr Bach’s  flowers advisor (http: //

Writing is Estelle's hobby, it allows her to give children, parents or teachers... the choice is open, a playful tool,informative medium; a real springboard on the questions of health.

After Historicontes Tolerance and self-confidence, here is Prevention, Health and Information » intended for youngters. 

Estelle MARGAINE offers an original approach to prevention, as she does to her own children, through tales and stories.